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Go-To Beauty Products I Can’t Stop Reaching For


Most of the time, I just like to keep it simple. Here are the products I’ve been reaching for the most lately. Keep in mind that I rarely wear all of these products together and instead mix and match the products depending on what I want to hide or let shine that day. Most days when I’m not really going anywhere special, I skip product all together, opting instead for a thick coat of rich moisturizer like Cerave cold cream and filled-in brows. 

{MUFE HD Primer and Full Cover Concealer are the perfect combination for hot summer days where normal foundation feels too heavy. I dab concealer on trouble spots and blend excess out onto the entire face.}

{Dallas Box O’ Powder by Benefit is hands-down my absolute favorite year-round cheek color. It delivers the BEST au naturale, flushed cheeks.}

{MAC Mineralize. It’s a classic for a reason. Dust on light or build up coverage with staying power.}

{ALERT: THIS IS A MIRACLE PRODUCT! TheBalm’s Stainiac in Beauty Queen is a lip-stain lover’s dream! My favorite lip product EVER, with a water-based formula which gives you time to smudge into lips with your fingers so that the color always looks natural!}

{I rarely wear mascara because I think it’s such a pain to get off so I don’t usually splurge and instead opt for drugstore classics like Revlon and Maybelline. As for liner, I’m a Stila and MAC fan til death.}

{I’m a stickler for filled in brows if anything. This Smashbox one is great but right now I’m using a great NYX alternative which is less than half the price, does the job well, and includes a brow brush!} 

{For August, as a transition into fall, I usually don pale pinks and sheer nudes on my nails. As for the award of best top coat ever invented? HANDS DOWN, Essie’s Good To Go which can make even the cheapest nail polish look like a $14 one.}

Summertime and The Living’s Easy

A while back, I was totally inspired by some shots I saw on The Coveteur on summer escape essentials, but since all of my escapes for the summer have already happened (Costa Rica and LA), I put together some looks for typical Austin summer activities.

{Breezy melon shorts + a lightweight and drapey white tee + a traditional Costa Rican embroidered backpack (or mochilla!) + a vintage Indo-inspired necklace create a look that’s boho but not weighed down. Macadamia Oil curl cream and Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate are perfect summer beauty items that wont melt down while you stroll along South Congress.}


{If you think the greenbelt is a free pass from looking good, think again. A vintage tee + your favorite cut-offs and sunnies + a braided leather belt + Aztec-inspired ring make for easy, effortless style. I threw in three of my current obsessions: The Body Shop’s hemp hand protector, Josie Maran’s beach waves spray, and Meg Wolitzer’s The Uncoupling.}


{I’m usually not so matchy-matchy, but I love this combo for an unusually breezy night like the ones we had earlier this week. A basic black bikini + gold print track shorts + a lightweight pullover + my beloved Swatch are easy, simple, and cool.}


3 Beauty Splurges Turned Must-Haves


My Clarisonic Mia has done absolutely everything it promised to do for my skin. Beyond the soft skin that you could get just from a good exfoliant, the Clarisonic literally leaves my skin glowing. I was a total non-believer at first, but with the encouragement of the 90-day money back guarantee, I gave it a shot. I was totally wowed. It feels great, almost as amazing as brushing your teeth when you first wake up, and now it’s an absolute must have for my super sensitive and acne-prone skin. 


No joke. I SWEAR by Dermologica’s Clean Start line. In fact, I’m constantly fearful that they will cancel it. Yes, these are the things I worry about. I didn’t photograph the cleanser, Wash Off, though I use it religiously, because I think these are two products from the line that people might often choose not to purchase. The All Over Clear toner is another beauty ritual. I spritz it all over my face right when I get out of the shower and let it dry on it’s own while I apply body lotion. It has a surprisingly natural, plant-y smell and feels so refreshing and slightly tingly. I think people often overlook toner because it usually isn’t a product you can see working, but this one has been an integral part of my best-skin-ever routine. Finally, at 22, I have banished most of my acne and I will always have Dermalogica’s Clean Start line to thank for that. Usually when I do have pimples now, they occur right before that certain time of the month, so I picked up the Hit The Spot acne treatment which literally stamps out breakouts. I apply it nightly and sometimes in the morning under my makeup if a pimple is really stubborn. I know we all say we’ve tried everything from acne, but I honestly have tried almost every drugstore and department store brand as well as home remedies like baking soda and apple cider vinegar, and this acne treatment is lifechanging. You will actually see the pimple reduce in size and redness within 10 minutes of applying it. A day or two later, it’s completely gone and best of all, not one scar is left behind. Another Dermalogica favorite of mine is the microfoliant! Best texture while you cleanse and glow afterward. It’s like a turbo boost for your face wash. 


Anyone who knows me knows that foundation is the one part of my beauty arsenal where I tend to overlook price and buy based on quality. I usually pick up drugstore mascaras and shadows, sometimes even blush and bronzer, but foundation for me has always and will most likely continue to be a high-end purchase. This foundation is no exception. In my own experience, I feel like it took Make Up For Ever’s HD Foundation a while to catch on, but once it did, girls went crazy for it. Before this, I was swearing by Laura Mercier’s Creme Smooth foundation but when my skin lightened during the winter, I need a less-than-summer shade and decided to guy this a try. My favorite part about this foundation? No matter what you use to apply it—sponges, brushes, fingers—it always delivers the same great coverage. I always mix in my Nuxe oil (another beauty splurge) and it gives the best dewy glow for my insanely dry skin. Not to mention, it comes in so many shades, I always find one that works for me no matter what time of year it is. 

Blake Lively/Serena Van Der Woodsen Hair Tutorial

5 Things (Snapped On My iPhone)

Here are the five most recent shots from my iPhone—from my favorite nail polish rediscovery to the best t-shirt I’ve ever purchased in my entire life to some really pink pants.

Finally! I’ve mastered Blake Lively/ Serena Van Der Woodsen effortless, sporadic, and voluminous curls! The trick is a mix of curls, twists, and a blast of texturing wax. Tutorial to come! 

This was bound to happen since I’ve just finished a Netflix Gossip Girl marathon coupled with the fact that I’m obsessed with Serena/Blake’s style and hair. Cant wait to share soon!

My Search For Dewy Skin!

Just thought I’d share a couple of the things I’ve picked up recently to master the look of dewy skin, coveted by many, from beachy Cali girls to southern belles to Northeastern sailing princesses. The first two products have yet to arrive but obviously I cant contain my excitement and there’s a couple of tips that I thought would be good to know!


First up? The Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse dry oil. Thanks to my Birchbox subscription, I’m addicted to their beauty tutorials, especially the one on how to achieve dewy skin. In recent years I’ve tried desperately to master the look of dewy skin since I have such dry skin, and in all of the shameful amount of video tutorials I’ve watched along the way, none have been as impressive or as promising as the Birchbox one. Birchbox saves all of your ordering and billing information so late night beauty sprees are sort of inevitable, and dangerously simple. I took the dive and bought the French cult favorite in the 100 ml size with the hopes of dewy skin looming above me. 


Also purchased earlier tonight with my Nuxe miracle oil was the Laura Geller Spackle Primer in bronze. Beside the fact that this is a bestseller in the Birchbox store, what really sold me on this product is the fact that it’s 2 oz for only $25 worth of primer, when all of the Smashbox Light Primer, Mac Prep+Prime, and my current (and least favorite!!!) Two Faced Primed and Poreless, are only 1 oz and more expensive! Primer is absolute staple in my foundation routine. But I’ve been waiting to run out of the Two Faced one since I got it, so I could try a new and hopefully, better, one. So with double the product for a little less than the same price, I didn’t even bother thinking twice. Add to cart. 

In the peak of my raking through the web to find the secret to dewy skin I realized it was time I cave and buy the MAC Fix+ everyone seems to love so much. BUT WAIT! After searching for a review video on YouTube, I happened to find a couple videos that teach you how to make your own homemade Fix+. (!!!!!) After all, it’s mostly water, right? Right! (!!!!!!!!!!!!) 1/3 part glycerin and 2/3 water and a little extra good stuff, a shake (of the bottle…and the booty, whatever…) and you’ve got Beyoncé glow in no time. Okay, well, not Beyoncé but pretty close. This video tutorial really did the trick for winter skin and this is definitely a beauty trick I plan to keep in my beauty arsenal. 


One last thing! Dewy skin is a result of perfectly strategized highlighting which can be tricky to figure out. I mean everyone always says, “place it where the light would hit,” but never really explains where that is. So I think this picture of Lauren Conrad (clearly first row at a fashion show) perfectly displays where the light hits your face first. This image has been my guide for applying highlight in tall the right places. Not to mention, the microdermabrasion tutorial the picture is actually meant for is yet another step to glowy, beaming, and youthful skin.


Outfit of the Day: Festive Skinnies

I’m going to go run some errands today before the mad holiday rush, wait, who am I kidding? That rush has already ensued! Who else has been pushed at the mall this season? Either way I’m staying at my parents’ place for the break, so I’m in their guest room which also doubles as a craft room, which explains the messy desk behind me. This was obviously not a fancy photo shoot (seeing as how I didn’t even put on makeup), but instead a couple shots I grabbed before rushing out the door. 


Red Skinnies and Orange Belt (Forever 21), Grey V-Neck (Old Navy), and Leopard Loafers (Steven by Steve Madden’s “Madee”). Also my nail polish is “Ski Teal We Drop” by OPI. And yes, my hair is all ombré’d out thanks to the amazing Lauren Hoy from Sirens Salon, here in Austin! 

Thanks for checkin out this post and have an awesome holiday season!!!

Winter Shower, Skin, and Hair Routine

Shower routines are a little weird to talk about because I mean really who cares what you use in the shower? I mean the shower is supposed to be a pretty private place, right? Well, not anymore! Well, sort of. Until about a year ago, when I turned 21, I never used to have such sensitive and troublesome skin. But now I have sensitive, dry, and unfortunately high maintenance skin, and in the winter time, it’s even harder to deal with so I’ve had to learn through a lot of trial and error just how to treat it and give it some extra love during the winter.

The key to my routine is to use products with simple ingredients that are for the most part fragrance-free and/or totally moisturizing. 


A Quick Rundown:

I usually try to gently drybush my skin before hopping in the shower because it increases cell circulation, shakes off dead and toxic skin, and honestly, I just really like the way it feels. I’ve been doing it for about a year now and I can totally see a difference in my skin. It’s almost silky before I even hop in the shower! When I hop in the shower, pretty basic stuff, I wash my face. I’ve been loyal to Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Cream Cleanser for two tubes now because it’s got the best creamy texture and totally wakes my face up with a cooling sensation. Not to mention, it’s only cleanser I’ve ever tried that’s practically cleared my acne up! For shampoo and conditioner I use Joico’s Color Endure for my ombre-treated hair. About twice a week, I use the Joico K-Pak hair treatment which is an absolute miracle for dry, heat styled, and singed hair. The K-Pak also has the best smell of any hair product I’ve ever tried because it smells like freshly baked snickerdoodle cookies, and even more impressive, the scent actually lingers the rest of the day! I usually suds up with my current favorite Lush shower gel, which right now is Flying Fox, and I use a sponge to gently exfoliate my skin in circular motions. When I hope out of the shower I quickly dry off and coat my skin from head to toe with the CeraVe cream that emulsifies wonderfully into skin like a luxury skin cream. I’m pretty loyal to CeraVe moisturizers, as I use both the AM and PM face creams everyday. Then I take a half-dime size of Argan Oil and run it through the ends of my hair for a little extra moisture and frizz control. I prefer Argan Oil from health stores as opposed to designer brands like Moroccan Oil because it’s cheaper, but also because it’s just one ingredient instead of a mixture of oils that dilutes the actual amount of Argan Oil. Lastly while my lips are still a little wet from the shower, I coat them in Korres Lip Butter which is my current favorite lip balm with the perfectly whipped consistency.